Reasons why you’re exhausted

Here are three reasons why you might be feeling that way and you might want to check into changing it if you need better customs!

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Too Much Sleep
What am I talking about that if you sleep more you feel more exhausted?! That seems ridiculous and I understand that nobody wants to hear it but that’s true. Scientists call oversleeping drunkenness since it feels kind of like a hangover. When you sleep too much, you are throwing off that biological clock, and it starts telling the cells a different story than what they’re actually experiencing, inducing a feeling of fatigue. You may be crawling out of bed at 11am, but your cells began using their energy cycle at seven. This is all very much like jet lag, if you’ve ever experienced it. But oversleep is not only going to ruin your day. If you’re oversleeping on the regular, you could be putting yourself at risk for diabetes, heart disease, Plantation Wildlife Removal and obesity.

The infamous put your phone down or notebook away before you lay down for bed. OH NO! You can’t miss out on your nightly scroll through Facebook to find out what everyone is up to or to just laugh at stupid memes all evening. Well here is the problem, you begin to scroll down and then after two hours you don’t understand how long it was and now you reduce your 8 hours of sleep into 5 1/2 hours that is not sufficient enough and you’ll be more exhausted in the morning! It’s not only bad for your sleep schedule to just lay in the dark and scroll through social media but additionally it is terrible for your own eyes. You’re constantly putting strain on your eyes when you’re in a dark room with a bright light near your eyes. This is not just bad for your sleeping schedule and can decrease your chance of getting a full night of sleep but it’s also bad for your eyes and can cause severe headaches. PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN!

Yes, I know sadly alcohol can produce more bad than good. We know that you get hangovers already, that wear you out and make you more lethargic. Well folks that may produce more fatigue and feelings of not wanting to get out of bed or plain out not doing anything all day but eat and lay about. The day after drinking copious amounts of alcohol and barley any water is going to dehydrate your body like crazy and make you feel like garbage. If your end game is to get back on a fantastic schedule and stop feeling so tired and worn out, so that you can enjoy life, then you need to decrease the alcohol in your life and find out a healthy happy balance.

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